A scent in time: KISS Day 10

Today I almost gave up on it all. I awoke with the dull threat of a headache and a queasy stomach. It threatened rain outside. A day to call in sick and stay in bed, but of course, I couldn’t. My client’s annual conference was today. I had to set up, take notes, help with logistics, all those back end jobs that help make an event shine. I would get through it, but completely ignoring my body and spirit in the process. By the time I got back home this evening, my mind was completely spent as well. I popped some Motrin and fell on my bed, wishing for nothingness.

Then I smelled something, a delightful fragrance from, of all places, the bathroom. Lavender and rose. Suddenly I was smiling. This was an air spray I bought a few weeks ago at the Seaport Farmers Market in Halifax, on a delightful sunny day spent with a dear friend. The spray was from Seafoam Farm, less than an hour from my home, that grows lavender and turnstile into everything scented and edible. I love the scent of lavender. The day of the purchase, pride in buying local,  a favourite scent … In an instant I had more reasons to smile than I could count, all thanks to a flood of memories triggered by a single scent, one within reach and that I can spray at any time.

My gift to myself on Day 10: a favourite smell. Beef stew from the slow cooker, freshly-mown grass, so many of them out there, offering sheer pleasure at no charge.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.