About Us

“I don’t think this is a good idea.”

John J. Brandugan is vice president, insurance and a certified behind-the-scenes mover and shaker, with plans for his personal life as airtight as a corporate report: retirement on the horizon, lots of golf, a little travel, anything enjoyable that releases the tension, benefits others, and takes him away, but not too far away, from the home he shared and the cemetery up the road that now memorializes his beloved wife, Rose. A directive from corporate marketing, however, wrenches a kink into his smooth, straight path by pairing him with a writer to forge a column in his name.

“You wouldn’t know magic if it jumped out of a hat and mistook your crown jewels for a carrot.”

Gwen Paige is quiet and gently evasive on details of self, but direct and fearless with details of work, Jack Brandugan and his column included. After only one meeting, it is clear to Jack that this writer has more than a general comprehension of his corporate message: she has a clarity of vision that illuminates long-darkened windows into his being, and the courage to challenge him, seemingly without a thought to her abilities or their effect. What is not clear to Jack is how or why she does this; what is intriguingly bothersome to him is why he cares.

So, Jack does as he always has done: allow curiosity and faith to guide him along a journey he was convinced had ended years before, fuelled by memories slowly unearthed, carefully dusted, and deftly assembled by the power of the printed word.

“And so, it seems, we write.”

Jennifer Hatt is a freelance writer in New Glasgow, NS, who with the gentle yet rasping insistence of her muse has committed Jack’s story to paper, from the wonderment of childhood through the rupture of family harmony, the calm escape of monastic schooling and the loss of innocence in a war zone to the arduous joy of married life and agony of its demise, to the reawakening of an essence long-forgotten and buried as dead and the new search it reveals. The characters are fiction, but the discovery is very real.

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