Lessons from The Enterprise: Day 21

I always believed life’s best lessons could be found in Star Trek and this weekend, it was proven to me. Sweet. But there was something even sweeter.

I got to share it.

In the original series episode The Enemy Within,  Captain Kirk emerges from a transporter malfunction as twins Рone violent and cruel, the other indecisive and timid. As separate beings, the violent twin destroys, attacks and defiles while the other cowers, shivers and hides. Over time, both end up with the same fate: dying. As separate beings, they could neither function nor survive. Only with both the violent and the gentle balancing and energizing the other could the captain live, as well as be a successful leader and compassionate human being.

At a gathering this weekend of women who met to Rise Up! Through yoga and conversation, we discussed Yin and Yang: the need for masculine qualities including aggression, concrete thinking and analysis in harmony with feminine qualities such creativity, instinct and nurturing. I mentioned Star Trek. No one was a fan. I described the episode. Someone had seen it. Another had heard of Captain Kirk. Everyone, however, found a connection between the episode and our discussion. The facilitator said she would use it in future discussions.

It felt good to add to the conversation. But what felt fantastic? Sharing something important to me. I’ve been a Trekker since I was a kid, but in my tiny rural school no one else watched the reruns or cared to hear about them, so I learned to keep my fandom to myself. Now, more than 30 years later, I found the confidence to share and made an important connection for myself and our group.

My 30 days of exploration have been to heal body and spirit from the ravages of stress. Part of that healing, I now realize, involves finding my voice, and finding the courage to use it.  Hiding or neglecting our passions denies us a source of energy. Holding back our voices causes our messages to grind within, unleashing the cycle of stress and the damage that goes with it.

This weekend’s gathering was a small step but a shining example of how each of us within our passions have important messages only we can share.

Bring on Week 4!

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.