14 Days, 3 things I know for sure

It has been two full weeks since I promised myself and all of you a 30-day search for little things to cool the burnout and recharge the joy. Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. My body knows what it’s doing. Listen to it. My outlook has improved these past two weeks but my energy is still fragile. A busy week led to a near-shutdown on Saturday. So, instead of spending the evening serving food at a fundraiser I snuggled at home with my 9yo and watched Frozen. Today, I was still tired but functional. And content.

2. People will help if you drop the perfect act and let them in. I spent last night with my 9yo because my husband stepped up and took my place at the fundraiser. No argument, no pleading, he simply said I should be home resting and he would have a good time helping out. During the past two weeks, I’ve been asked how I’m doing, offered help if I need it, and given an encouraging word or a hug out if the blue. We are all connected by something. Trusting in that connection is incredibly comforting.

3. Little things grow into wonderful things. My children. Three glasses of water a day. 35 minutes a week on a trampoline. I have a long way to go, but the panic is ebbing with each crunch of my carrot, and my optimism inches upward with each note on my playlist. I even planted tomatoes today from seed, and fully expect to savour their sweet fruit at summer’s end. So I may be a bit high on sunscreen and life … But I’ll take that any time over sitting in a chair wishing the world away.

A new week begins tomorrow! See you then.