Say it with a song: Kiss Day Nine

Week One of Keep It Super Simple evolved into nourishing the physical: water, food, exercise, rest, sleep. With essentials covered, it seems my body is ready for more emotional input. Two days ago, I actually looked forward to writing. Two nights ago, I had a memorable dream for the first time in six weeks. Yesterday, I heard a noise that at first I didn’t recognize. I was humming. The surprise of doing it was sad enough, but that I had forgotten what it sounded or even felt like … how much we lose when slowly consumed from the inside out.

So today and every day, my gift to me is a song. I am creating a playlist song by song, day by day, of tunes that pop into my head. No thinking, no pondering, no alphabetical order or Top 40 or strategic alignment of classical next to jazz. Anything goes. Today? Songbird by Fleetwood Mac. Don’t ask me why, it’s a song that is always there when I least expect it. I heard it on Glee a couple of years ago, and i couldn’t stop thinking about it, to the point where I squeaked open my ITunes account and bought it. A month later, I stumbled across my Rumours CD in the basement, and there the song was, listed right there on the back. I had it in the hosue the whole time and didn’t even know. That is part of what has launched this process for me, being surrounded by beautiful things and being too out of touch and overwhelmed to acknowledge, let alone appreciate them. Today I am reconnecting, one song at a time.

Want to share in this beautiful tune? Check out the linkĀ here.

Thanks for listening. See you tomorrow.