S is for Saturday, S is for sleep

It’s been five full days of little changes. Coincidence or not, I had the energy last night to take in an evening of amazing performances by young musicians at our provincial music festival: solo performers, high school students, forcing air through brass instruments in ways that made your spine tingle, or offering up musical theatre performers that made you think,for a moment, they were really an unwed father, a waitress, or Fanny Bryce. As unique as their selections, disciplines and adjudicators, there was one unifying piece of advice. Keep it simple.

Talk about a sign of being on the right track, I thought at home, drinking my last glass of water of the day and munching my carrot. There was one competitor, with the voice of an angel and costumes the quality of Broadway. She did very well. The winner, however, had a more subtle voice, darker and more understated songs, and simple outfits – basic black with accents, depending on he characters. She was edged the winner for her simplicity and clearer connection with her songs. Simple and real. She has that now in her discipline. I’m hoping to get there.

So what to do today? Keep doing what I’m doing. And add one more thing kind to my body: sleep. A half hour earlier, every night. That means no more dozing in front of the TV, no playing on my iPad. Go to bed at 10:30, go to sleep. Nothing more simple than that.

Thanks for being here. See you tomorrow.