We are each on a journey. Our stories fuel our search.
Sharing them lights our way.

Own Your Story Now is a call to action.
How can we help?

Sharing the Love …

We are home to the Finding Maria series, a Nova Scotia love story based on true events.  Two disparate souls are drawn together in business, in creation, and in exploration of life from Wisconsin to Nova Scotia, to Vietnam and back again.  Want to know more?
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“I want to write a book, but … “

But what? If you feel a story or even an idea, now is the time to start writing it down.  What do you need to do? Allow some space in your schedule and mind to set down a word and invite others to follow.
Want to know more? See our Blog for hints, or Contact Us with your questions.

“I’ve Written a Book.
What Do I Do Now?”

Step One: Celebrate YOU. Completing a manuscript honours your talent and story. That in itself is something of which to be proud. Enjoy the feeling of release and accomplishment, then choose:

Do I want to keep this for myself?
Do I want to share this with family and friends?
Do I want to sell this to the public?

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Who are We?

Marechal Media Inc. is our publishing company.
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Proud Member of Little Free Library
Marechal Media celebrated the launch
of Song of the Lilacs and five years in operation with this gift of a Little Free Library. Our library has been installed near the bandstand next to Glasgow Square
in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Want to know more?  Contact Us for details on using or donating to our Little Free Library.